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Air / Water cooled chillers for commercial and industrial use

Heat pumps for sanitation, air conditioning, heating and swimming pools

Centrifugal and circulating pumps, hydronic systems and supplementary components

Gadir Systems Ltd. is a distributor of central cooling and heating systems based on air / water cooled chillers, heat pumps and supplementary equipment for the Israeli market.

Gadir Systems Ltd. is a private company established in 2009. The company is a part of the Gadir Group which has 30 years of experience in the energy systems and conservation fields. Gadir Systems distributes air / water cooled chillers, heat pumps and supplementary equipment to the Israeli market. All distributed products are energy efficient.

The company employs a strong technical and marketing staff which includes mechanical engineers, air conditioning technicians, product managers, a marketing team and a professional administrative staff. The company supplies training, service and warranty with all distributed products.

Among our customers are leading air conditioning and heating contractor companies, top consulting agencies, business and public organizations from a wide variety of sectors. Examples of clients include: industrial factories, large company buildings, universities, hospitals, retirement homes, government facilities, commercial centers and other leading firms and groups.

With the strong reputation of the Gadir Group in the energy management and conservation fields, and with a quality engineering and professional staff, Gadir Systems maintains a strong relationship with the majority of leading businesses and public organizations in the Israeli market.

Gadir Systems is a registered contractor in Israel.
The company is a certified ISO 9001: 2008.
The company is a registered supplier of Israel's Ministry of Defense.

Gadir Systems represents the following manufacturers in Israel:

MTA (Italy)

Air/water cooled/heating chillers. With more than 1,500 chiller installations, MTA has worked in the Israeli market for nearly 20 years. Gadir Systems recently acquired MTA for Israel and solely represents the company in Israel. MTA was founded in 1982 in Northern Italy and currently employs over 400 individuals worldwide. They run three production plants with a total of 58,000m2 production area. MTA markets chillers in 80 countries; chillers range 1.4-1,800kw for both commercial and industrial usage.

Deron (China)

Heat pumps for central hot water and heating systems. Gadir Systems supplies heat pumps for more than 2,000 installations in the public and private sectors. Deron is one of the leading professional heat pump manufacturers, with approximately 300 employees and a 30,000m2 production area in Guangzhou China. Deron also runs a heat pump R&D center with a team of 28 technicians and a laboratory that attained EN114511 certification from the TUV international laboratories.

Taco Inc.

(U.S.A): A world leader in centrifugal and circulating pumps, hydronic systems and accessories for air conditioning and water systems (e.g., water circulation pumps, hydronic accessories, air elimination and control, heat transfer products, electronic control, instant hot water and variable speed products).


A registered brand name produced by Gadir Systems. i-Sol is an energy efficient heat pump for swimming pools at country clubs, sport centers, and other public and private facilities.

Examples of Gadir Systems' products for distribution:

Air cooling/heating chillers for commercial use


Air cooled chillers for industrial processing

Heat pumps for central heating and hot water

Water to water heat pumps

Heat pumps for swimming pools

Heat pumps for private heating usage

Hydronic Systems & Components

Gadir Systems - Our warehouses

Our Company's Goals

Provide the knowledge, updated technology, and state of the art products and equipment to benefit our clients

Provide the best and most comprehensive solutions based on our client's specific needs

Supply training, know-how and professional service with the highest standards

Continue to improve our company’s products and services

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